How to attract more visitors for recovery after the pandemic

Big Impact for the Tourism Industry and Thinking for Recovery

The pandemic has created a significant effect on the tourism and travel industry, indirectly hampering the hotel with no visitors. But the time has come to reopen with a bang full of safety norms, which will include many major and minor changes. The hotels need to be ready with the action plan for addressing the current scenario to raise the demand for these industries.

The hotels need to be in touch with their customers through social media, mail, and editorial content to keep telling them how ready they are with the changes. You can also introduce a new theme to attract visitors with animatronic dinosaurs, which will ramp up the marketing efforts and brand awareness by fueling new guests for reaching their dream destinations. These themes can also be placed in the garden or parks of the hotel, which leaves customers with more unusual options to explore. You can upload short videos of new creation on your website to give them a reason for visiting it.


Tourism recovery after the pandemic


Tips for How to Attract More Visitors after the pandemic

The hotel should effortlessly work with management for developing such a plan for safety norms like social distancing and sanitization for the guests. The staff should be wearing PPE kits, masks, and shields while serving to their guests.

You can also make the best use of cancellation policy by adding the refund amount in the gift voucher with a bonus, which will lead them to reschedule their trip later. There should be an introduction of automated doors, full-body sanitization machines, distribution of masks and gloves, and reassessing more of digital strategies to avoid personal contacts.

Meanwhile, you also need to motivate your workers to be active in the pandemic situation by offering healthcare or self-isolation facilities. Maintaining your website during this would be essential, so keep updating with amazing content or blog posts guiding about the spa sessions or recipe by a chef from your hotel. Also, include target keywords related and cancellations to avoid reaching audiences that are merely searching for information surrounding the pandemic and reach more qualified users.


How to Attract More Visitors after the pandemic?

  • You can add dinosaur hand puppets in the hotelier room carrying children amongst 3-15 years of age with themselves. Setup, a kid corner, and dinosaur are undoubtedly going to amaze children, making them spent quality time. It has incredible features, including controlling the movement of eye blink, mouth, head and neck moving, and producing roaring sounds.
  • You can also put dinosaur costumes for them to let them play around in the hotel room or make some of your staff dressed as it while serving food to the kids. This will be overwhelming and kind of personalized service, which will make your guest feel more heartwarming. They are available in the various frame structure, texture, and colors and can be chosen according to one fitting.


dinosaur hotel

Animatronic dinosaurs for hotel>>


  • Add dinosaur play park ride and scooter to engage the kids along with your guest in some fun activities by spending quality time. Setting up this equipment in the park will be fulfilling the entertainment needs of kids. These equipment come with adjustable speed and safe braking system suitable for kids up to 3-15 years. The long-lasting battery provides unlimited fun to children for a long time.
  • The addition of setting miniature park with animatronic dinosaurs will give picture-perfect moments to your guest while adding one more landmark to visit. They can roll up the Insta feeds with these giant creatures making movements and producing vivid sound while making the best use of dinosaur fossils replica for business.


stegosaurus fossil replica wall


Why can Dinosaurs be a Good Attractive for Visitors?

Dinosaur culture has a significant impact on people as these extinct species always create desire amongst people to know more about them. Their large sizes create curiosity amongst people about how they used to be and looked like. While they don’t exist more, people don’t want to leave a chance to pose next to artificial ones, and industries are coming with the best ideas of animatronic dinosaurs for attracting visitors.