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ow Old are those Dinosaur Fossils? Dinosaurs continue to fascinate us, and every discovery is cause for excitement. Have you ever wondered how scientists measure the age of fossils? How can they tell how old they are? It matters because learning a fossil’s age can teach us about how the animal lived. Figuring out its age […]

Humans and pangolins are the only mammals to take a two-legged stride, Kangaroos can hop on both feet. Although birds were bipedal, they were a family of theropod dinosaurs, because all dinosaurs came from bipedal ancestors. The oldest known member of the dinosaur group is the Ashelilosaurus, which lived about 245 million years ago in the middle […]

Many creatures have family trees that date to the age of the dinosaurs. In fact, when you go to a natural history museum, you should be able to view at least one prehistoric ancestor of a modern animal. Maybe you’ll gaze at its bones and imagine how powerful it was in its prime.   Extinct […]

The mighty and magnificent Brachiosaurus  was a gargantuan dinosaur roaming the Earth roughly 150 million years ago during the Jurassic period. Fossil records, first discovered in 1903, indicate that the branches of this specific species lived across the African and North American continents. These warm-blooded behemoths could weigh as much as 80 tons, had an […]

The movie “Jurassic World 2” is playing in cinemas, and there is no doubt that its box office will surpass the first. The most intuitive perception of dinosaurs by most people may begin in the Jurassic Park series that was released in the 1990s. The audience who watched the movies may not know that in […]

Dinosaurs were fantastic creatures that used to roam the planet for about 160 million years. Though dinosaurs have been extinct many years back still, we can know about them with the help of the fossils. Fossils are the evidence which never decomposes or degrades and is considered to be a vital source when it comes to […]

Today we are going to look into the differences that exist between a Chinese and a western dragon. You may have seen cartoons like Dragon ball or the movie D-War, which show the Chinese dragons in some form or the other, and also have viewed similar western shows like Game of Thrones, which show the […]