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Halloween Dinosaurs

Are you a crazy fan of dinosaur toys? It is a nearly universal rule that a lot of people love dinosaurs. There are dinosaur toys for different ages. If you didn’t have a childhood obsession with dinosaurs, you probably knew a child that did. Children who are fascinated with dino creators can easily inform you […]

Dinosaurs were the most frightening animals that have ever roamed on our planet. It would be surprised and frighten to see them “alive” after million and million years of its extinction. If you see such a giant creature is approaching towards you, then obviously it will wet you pants and you will turn around and run quickly. […]

Say goodbye to the same boring costumes of the past. 2018’s newest costume styles are all about variety! With incredibly realistic details and quality craftsmanship, the latest trends of costumes range from fun to frightening and from fierce to fabulous. These costumes can easily transform you into the character of your dreams…or nightmares! The latest […]

One of the best ways to overcome the stress of the holiday season is to get creative with women’s Christmas costumes. Sharing your home with distant relatives that you only see once a year is more fun when you assign everyone a costume and throw an impromptu family reunion in your living room. You can […]

In ancient Greek mythology, all the trees growing in Dodona had the gift of prophecy. They not only spoke and delivered oracles, but also warned of upcoming calamities. Nowadays, talking trees have many variants such as the ones with faces and even limbs. And they can be used as Halloween props with astonishing effects.   […]

Brand : MY DINO Model : Custom Dinosaur Costume Style: Hidden (cover) legs or visible legs costume     Size: Customize according to operator’s height, wight, shoulder width, arm length, leg length, shoe size. (L-4.2M H-1.9M for 5.58~5.9Ft performer) Material: Stainless Steel frame; High density sponge; 3-4 layers silicone rubber, Pigment; Electric parts Sound: Different kinds of lively […]

Do you want to be a T-Rex On Halloween party, if you are interested and also a big dinosaur fan, follow me and I will show you more information of T-Rex halloween costume for adults! T-Rex Head Mask This is just a mask for an act to be a T-Rex, no movements and sounds, people […]

When the Halloween is right around the corner, we need walking dinosaur costumes to create a lively atmosphere. Besides, road shows also need walking dinosaur costumes to attract passers-by. What Kind of Dinosaur Costume We are Selling? There are a lot of dinosaur costumes available for sale. we are hidden legs dinosaur costume and visible legs dinosaur […]

Halloween dinosaur party is here! Do you want to have a Halloween dinosaur party of your own? For this Halloween dinosaur party,there are some good ideas to prepare it. With theseideas, you may have a much more attractive Halloween dinosaur party! Using Dinosaur Props to Set the Scene Still decorated your party with streamers and balloons? That […]

As we all know, there are dozens of parades parties and pranks at Halloween. People get crazy at parties and play tricks with their friends. Kids dress up to knock neighborhood’s door for Halloween candy. Already tired of old pranks? This year you can try dinosaur prank costume for Halloween. Here are some dinosaur prank […]

Have you ever have fun with watching the movie Jurassic Park? Now imagine if you were wearing the Jurassic Park costume on Halloween the eyes will be attracted on you. Jurassic Park Costume of Overhead T-Rex Mask People who have watched Jurassic Park may be shocked with the fierce tyrannosaurus. You could wear the same […]