Paleontology Expert –  Mr. Zhou Shwu

Professor Zhou Shiwu is the first batch of State Council leaders in formation, paleontology academic team, national cultural experts, former Chongqing Museum curator, curator of Chongqing Natural History Museum, vice president of China Association of ancient vertebrates, China Natural History Museum Association, Chengdu Polytechnic University visiting professor.

He won the “Second Prize of National Natural Science” and the “Second Prize in Scientific Progress in Sichuan”. He has successively published “Jurassic Dinosaur Fossils in Sichuan Basin”, “Stegosaurus”, “Sichuan Dinosaurs” and “Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology” equal to prehistoric Dinosaur related books. Published more than 20 academic papers.


Professor Zhou Shwu has participated in many major excavations and discovery works. Zigong Dinosaur Museum, one of the mining leaders, has discovered a variety of fossils in the field and named after the world’s upper reaches of the Yongchuan, Longjiang Chongqing, Taibai Huayang Long, Lee Shulong and other important dinosaurs were named after him. In 2016 , the Mamenxi dragon fossil skeleton, excavated and repaired by Professor Zhou Shiwu, is about to recover

To meet the majority of the audience, only about 24 meters Long Ma Long , Professor Zhou Shwu will be named (Zhou’s Maroon Brook).


In addition to field excavation work, Professor Zhou Shivu has also led domestic scholars, experts and scientific and technical personnel to participate in international academic exchanges many times and organized exhibitions of dinosaur fossils to the United States, Europe, Japan and other international regions, making great achievements in archeology and dinosaur fossils Contribute.