How to Make Animatronic Model (Ref. 12m Animatronic T-rex)

  • Step 1: Diagram
  • Step 2: Steel Frame
  • Step 3: Shaping 
  • Step 4: Texture
  • Step 5: Skin
  • Step 6: Painting

Step 1: Diagram: production drawing for visualizing inner structure;



Step 2: Steel Frame: Dinosaur skeleton structure, motors control movements;

Using steel to make the internal support, steel frame welding to form the accurate skeleton shape, plus machinery and transmission, after mechanical structure frame completes, then anti-rust treatment, and testing the movements to ensure the mechanical frame works well.



Step 3: Shaping: Dinosaur come into shape;

Sculpting and creating the masterpiece skin texture and muscle part on different on the high-density sponge, the outline of the ceature is created scientifically based on the data of paleontological knowledge.


Step 4:Texture: Varied texture & Pattern for different dinosaurs;


Step 5: Skin: Putting on a raincoat;

Coat and scrape the silicone on the dino skin, nylon (silk stocking) could increase the strength of the dinosaur skin, also keep the texture is shown. Finally, brush 3-4 layers of silicone on the dinosaurs, it will like a raincoat, so all of our animatronic models can stay outdoor.


Step 6: Painting: Bring dinosaurs to life.

Color the animatronic dinosaur per design pattern, and bring the dinosaur to life!

Manufacturing Process

Meeting this custom-made pink animatronic dinosaur T-REX at the Milan fashion week 2019!

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