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Is the T rex in Jurassic Park CGI or animatronic? Actually, The Dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is a combination of both CGI and animatronic effects, with the majority of its iconic scenes utilizing animatronics   Many viewers have noted that while the original Jurassic Park is 31 years old, the visuals continue to impress, and they’re […]

Speaking of reptiles, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is definitely lizards and monitor lizards are the big guys in the lizard family. The largest lizard today is the famous Varanus komodoensis. With a body length of 3 meters and a weight of 70 kilograms, it is already the leader among lizards. However, […]

Dinosaurs are some of the most fascinating and mysterious creatures ever to walk the Earth, simply because no one has ever witnessed one with their own eyes. The closest we can come in this day and age is finding a well-preserved fossil buried deep beneath the ground or a dinosaur skeleton in a museum. Here’s […]

Are you looking for the best dinosaur attractions in Florida? The State of Florida is known for its unique roadside attractions and theme parks, so it’s no surprise that there are more fake dinosaurs in the Sunshine State than anywhere else in the world. Across the Sunshine State, you can find interactive exhibits, life-sized dinosaurs, […]

Dinosaurs, the magnificent creatures that once ruled the Earth, have fascinated us for centuries. While many people associate dinosaurs with far-off lands like North America and Asia, Europe also has its fair share of dinosaur history. In this article, we will explore European dinosaurs and shed light on their diversity, habitats, and the remarkable discoveries […]

The dung beetle, this seemingly inconspicuous little insect, plays an indispensable role in nature. Model workers in the insect world, scavengers of nature, lovers of dirty work, practitioners of waste recycling… You can give the dung beetles many positive nicknames because they eat and bury the excrement of many animals and recycle it. nutrients and […]

Giant theropod dinosaurs often catch our attention because of their giant mouths and teeth. Still, back in the Mesozoic era, many were turning heads with the ornamentation on top of their skulls. We don’t know if the outer appearance of these crests, spikes, and knobs looked like basic keratin, like moose antlers, or were covered […]

Most families of plant-eating dinosaurs evolved specific adaptations to help them cope with their meat-eating adversaries. Some, like Triceratops, evolved big horns that made them too dangerous to attack. Others evolved bony suits of spiky armour that turned them into walking fortresses. A few others evolved lightweight bodies and extra-long legs that gave them the […]

When it comes to dinosaurs, everyone is familiar with them. Although they are now extinct, they are still well-known in the world and have many fans who are curious about dinosaurs. So which dinosaurs have horns on their heads? Let’s find out together! 1. Triceratops The triceratops is one of the most famous dinosaurs. Their […]

With the development of the time and people’s exploration, many fossils and footprints of prehistoric animals were found. They were witnesses of the earth in a period. Due to intricate climatic reasons, many of them are just partly discovered. While Lufengosaurus has full fossils that were discovered. To commemorate this great discovery, Lufengosaurus – the […]

Stegosaurus is very peculiar in the dinosaur world. It has two rows of upright bone plates along the back from the neck to the tail and uses 2~4 pairs of large bone spurs at the end of the tail as weapons. with a body length of about 7-9 meters, but ahead only as big as […]