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The Palazzo Las Vegas, one of the most luxurious hotel and casino complexes in the world, is renowned for its opulence, grandeur, and attention to detail. Giant Flower Statue in Fiberglass for Shopping Mall >> The Atrium at the Palazzo is an elegant retail complex in The Venetian Resort, featuring high-end clothing, bags, make-up, and gifts. Its […]

Miniature golf, also known as minigolf, mini-putt, midget golf, crazy golf, or putt-putt, is an offshoot of the sport of golf focusing solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. If you are not a golf devotee, you may get bored after several rounds. That is where the themed golf course plays its magic. […]

What is the largest, most complete and best-preserved Tyrannosaurus rex fossil in the world? Sue of course, although it is not Sue exhibited, they have a T-rex skeleton which is very close to gesture, texture, and the same size to Sue. Children and adults alike stand agape at the surprisingly delicate and birdlike feet of […]

It is the essential family outing! This is not only a shopping mall, but they also have a truly amazing display of dinosaurs in Northern Canada featuring realistic scenes, enormous dinosaurs feature some of the world’s most unique and recently discovered dinosaurs, cute baby dinosaurs, optional stationary dinosaur ride and lots of fun activities.   AD-060 Animatronic […]

How to bring more guests to the shopping mall during various holidays? Holding a dinosaur activity shall definitely attract more popularity, and the mall will be well-known after the activity. It is proved to be an amazing promotional marketing method that can increase the marketing amount significantly like Dammam Mall.   AD-202 Science Museum Exhibition […]

Touching ouch freshly laid Dino eggs, getting hands on with real fossils or meeting one of our life size walking dinosaurs while you enjoy our exquisitely themed cuisine! The terrifying but intriguing creatures make the restaurant visit more fun. Along with the delicious food, people get an interesting ambiance when they are dining at the restaurant.   AD-261 […]

As a runner of various travelling exhibitions, our client currently owns featured exhibitions include “Dinosaur Land” and “Back to Ice age”. The huge success on holding exhibitions can’t stop the innovation. They still keep adding new stuffs to diversify their collections. Back to Ice age – A Ice Age Exhibition >> A brand-new idea emerged this […]

Shopping malls have become the centre of a town or city. In modern times, shopping malls have turned out to be resort malls which serve not just the purpose of shopping but many other reasons to visit there. It has become a center for experiencing recreation as well relaxation to a great extent. If you are […]

How to bring more guests to the shopping mall during various holidays? Holding a dinosaur activity in shopping mall may attract more popularity,  and the mall will be well-known after the activity. It is proved to be an amazing promotional marketing method which can increase the marketing amount significantly. Moreover, the dinosaur exhibition as a theme activity for the […]

This project was an urgent request from an old customer, they are looking for giant butterflies and large fiberglass flower statues for shipping mall decoration, All the giant insects are static statues instead of animatronics, but the butterflies and the flowers supposed to come up beautiful. The main idea is to make these butterflies and […]

Customer: Qingdao Zhengda Damuzhi square  Time: 3rd, August ,-17th, August  August 3, Qingdao Zhengda Damuzhi square and the first musical beer Carnival opening,it is the focus of the island and leading the opening of carnival. There are series of wonderful activities in square ,the drinking beer and eating snacks ,superstark singing and so on . […]

Time:2012.08.21-2012.09.17 Abstract The dinosaur exhibition of Licang Baolong city square opened on this month 21th, after the Jimobao dinosaur exhibition.My company (zigong Mydino culture and arts co., LTD.) make the second cooperation with Baolong group and my company provide 20 exhibitions for the dinosaur exhibition, including simulation dinosaur model,dinosaur fossil skeleton, dinosaur bone specimen and animatronic animal models […]