Animatronic dinosaur maintenance tips–What are needed to prepare

Animatronic dinosaurs make a great addition to museums, themed restaurants, theme parks and a variety of other attractions. If you have animatronic dinosaurs and want them to last as long as possible, follow these animatronic dinosaur maintenance tips. Following the right steps and taking a few precautions can do wonders for the lifespan and quality of your animatronics.


Animatronic Dinosaurs Need to be Maintained Properly

You will keep them in top shape for years to come, helping you get the most from your investment. The first step is learning what your animatronic dinosaurs are made from and how they work. You then need to understand the difference between touch-ups and intense maintenance. Also, a little preventative care goes a long way. While you can go a long way for how to maintain your animatronic dinosaurs on your own, you can never replace the experience and education of an animatronic dinosaur maintenance service.


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Tips of Materials for Animatronic Dinosaurs Maintenance

A lot of materials go into making an animatronic dinosaur:

  • Steel
  • Wires
  • Machinery
  • Motors
  • High-Density Sponge

The creators of an animatronic dinosaur begin by using steel or another metal to construct the frame, which looks like the skeleton of the dinosaur you want to replicate. They then use wires to connect machinery to a motor and control programs that allow the animatronic dinosaur to move.

With a high-density sponge, the artists add muscles and texture to the dinosaur. Most animatronics include a speaker that mimics the sound that the dinosaur most likely made when it roamed the world. The artists base their design on dinosaur fossils and 3D models to make them as life-like as possible, and you will notice the difference.


Preventative Care

Maintaining your dinosaurs begins with proper preventative care, and this single step can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Review your manual to get an idea of the situations in which you can use your dinosaur. You should always follow the recommended guidelines to reduce the odds of damage taking place, and you will be on the right track. Store your dinosaurs in a cool and dry area to prolong their lifespan.


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Small Touch-Ups

If you follow the right preventative maintenance tips, you will likely only need to do small touch-ups in the beginning. For example, you could notice that the paint on your dinosaurs is coming off. Small areas are not likely to attract much attention, but addressing peeling paint right away stops it from getting worse.

You could also notice parts of the gel, fiber or sponge that crack or need to be patched. Take measurements of the damaged area so that you can create a gel mold to replace it. Before you finish the process, you must match the color and use the same type of paint to create a seamless touch-up.


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Intense Maintenance

Intense maintenance issues can pop up and affect the operation of your dinosaur despite your best effort. You could notice motors or gears going out near the joints, or the control system could experience problems that need prompt attention. If your dinosaur is not moving the way it should, you will have to remove the gel and sponge cover to look at the machinery hidden under the surface. A simple speaker replacement will work if the dinosaur does not roar like it used to.


Maybe You Need Professional Maintenance for Your Animatronic Dinosaurs

It takes training, education and dedication to maintain animatronic dinosaurs. Rather than one person doing all the work, it takes a team of experienced artists and engineers to create the animatronic dinosaurs that bring joy to many people from all walks of life.

You can do some maintenance work and touch-ups on your own, but you can never replace what a trained and educated team that provides Animatronic dinosaur maintenance service can achieve. If you want your dinosaurs to work well and last for years to come, contact a professional maintenance team so that you can have peace of mind.