How to Refurbish Old Animatronic Dinosaurs

Worried about Refurbishing Animatronic Dinosaurs?

If you bought old animatronic dinosaurs at an auction and don’t know what you should do with them, you might feel like you have a major challenge in front of you. While you do have your cut out for you when your goal is to refurbish old animatronic dinosaurs, you can do the job right when you have a few tips and a little guidance on hand.


Top Ways Help You Refurbish Old Animatronic Dinosaurs

You will soon know how to take over old realistic electric dinosaur and make it run like new in no time. The animatronic dinosaurs refurbishing tips in this guide reveal everything you need to begin and to get the best possible results, and you will have no trouble reaching your goal if you take it one step at a time.


  1. Disassemble Old Animatronic Dinosaur

Your first mission is to take apart your old dinosaur and separate all the parts, and the skin is the perfect place to start. You don’t want to simply rip everything off because you might still be able to use the parts that are in good shape. Begin by cutting the silicone and fiber at the joints and other parts that bend. You can now remove large pieces of the skin while causing as little damage as possible. You should place the skin in two piles.

One pile is for the fiber and silicone you can reuse while the other is for parts that are too damaged to use in your refurbished model. Once you have the silicone and fiber removed, you have easy access to the gears, wires, and machinery that make your dinosaur come to life.

You will now run the dinosaur with the skin off so that you can see what parts work well and what parts don’t. Make a list of all the parts you need to replace, and contact a reliable animatronics dealer for help locating the parts you need. MyDinosaurs is a great website that can point you in the right direction.


dinosaur installation


2.Replace Anything Not Working in Animatronic Dinosaurs Like New

Once you have taken your dinosaur apart and discovered what parts of it don’t work well, it’s time to replace those parts. Some people only replace the parts that are damaged so badly that they no longer work, but you should also consider the long run. During a refurbish, you want to rebuild your old dinosaur so that it looks and works like it did when it was new.

So replace everything that has any signs of damage. Some people end up replacing everything except the frame. Ideally, you will have the manual that lists the model number of each part you are going to replace, which makes your job much easier. After your new parts arrive, you swap them with the ones that don’t work well. Quality is a critical factor if you want to get the most from your animatronic dinosaur, so only use the best products and services you can find.


3.Redesign the Muscles and Skin for Animatronics

While you are in the process of rebuilding your old simulation dinosaur, it makes sense to replace the skin and other parts if you can. You need access to the original molds if you would like to make a new skin for your dinosaur. If you don’t have access to the molds, you can use silicone to patch the damaged or cracked parts. You will then carefully place the skin and muscle textures back in place and repaint them if needed. Then the dinosaur is back to life again.


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Final Business Thoughts about Animatronic Dinosaurs

Animatronics are a fun hobby and a fantastic way to attract attention to your business, and buying and refurbishing old animatronic dinosaurs is cheaper than buying them new. Follow the animatronic dinosaurs refurbishing tips outlined in this guide to turn an old animatronic dinosaur into something that turns heads and grabs attention.