Realistic Animatronic Snake Model

To hold a jungle themed exhibition, many clients like to choose a life size animatronic snake, today let’s see how we make the animatronic snakes.

Specification of animatronic snake:

  • The curve length of the snake is 3.5M  the height of the stump is 2.3M
  • Main Materials: Antirust metal frame & CE motors & high density sponge & 4 layers silicone & painting
  • Features:Waterproof and thermostabiity
  • Power: 110/220V 50/60Hz
  • Sound: Vivid snake sound,
  • Movements: Mouth, head, neck, tail

animatronic snake

animatronic snake 4

animatronic snake 3


Should you like to know more about our animatronic animals and animatronic snake, please feel free to contract us