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Welcome our new baby dinosaur family member – baby dinosaur hand puppet! These little creatures are very adorable! They like to play with people, but be careful sometime they will roaring in their baby dinosaur voice! Explore More Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppets >> Hand Control Baby Dinosaur Walking Puppet >> You can make the baby […]

Yandusaurus is a genus of herbivorous basal euornithopod dinosaur from the Bathonian age (middle Jurassic, approximately 169 to 163 Ma) of China. In January 1973 the Museum of the Salt Industry at Zigong in Sichuan was warned that during construction activities with a composter at Jinzidang near the Honghe dam inadvertently a dinosaur skeleton had […]

After the baby dinosaur hand puppet, per customers’ request now we have developed few styles of full body dinosaur puppets for your new events! Baby Spinosaurus Dinosaur Arms Puppet >> Per every specification from our customers and we are now improving the dinosaur arms puppet step by step, Not only for the adult, now we have […]

Have Your Own Dinosaur Theme Restaurant Getting your own restaurant is like a dream for every cook. But establishing a restaurant based on the theme is a dream of everyone. There are many themes that are in trend nowadays, you just need to switch to the one that is in demand and here you are […]

Skeletons for Natural History Museum As the biggest manufacturer of artificial dinosaur/animal skeletons, My Dinosaurs is experienced of cooperating with museums, parks and educational institutions. All of our skeletons are made of high quality fiberglass, after processes of polishing and burning, a “real” skeleton completed. Life Size Mammoth Skeleton >> The mini natural museum located in a well-known zoo with a long history in Turkey. Visitors are able to visit the extinct animal species that lived millions years ago as well as the extant animals. T-REX Skull Replica >> The […]

Our customer is the owner of a chain restaurant of BBQ, every 6 months you can find one more Jurassic themed Restaurant & Bar opening in the bustling business district, except for the delectable food here, the unique decoration style attracts more and more people to spend their time meeting friends and family day here. […]

My Dino Animatronic Dinosaurs For Top 10 Family Dinosaur Park in UK These 11 sets life sized mechanical dinosaurs are for an old customer from UK,all the models are ready to go UK ! Life Size Mechanical Dinosaur >> Our first cooperation with this customer was in 2014, it was not a big order, but […]

Something Interesting About Miniature Park You will find it highly rewarding to visit miniature parks. They contain models of cities, towns, and renowned landscapes. You get to observe sculpts of single or multiple cities. Some molds have a solitary city and are referred to as model village or miniature city. On display are also items […]

Bone Fossils Are Gaining Increasing Importance Today As you know, fossils are the preserved remnants or traces of animals, plants or other organisms from the remote past. It is the trace of ancient living things. Soft tissues of the organisms decompose quickly when they die and get buried, leaving behind the hard bones. These remnants […]

Animatronic Talking Tree for Theme Park Decoration Talking trees are a form of intelligent trees in mythologies and stories. According to Greek mythology, all the trees in Northwestern Greece were endowed with the gift of insight, and they were capable of warning people on approaching calamities. The trees are considered as the vast source of […]

We have made hundreds of different styles dinosaur costumes, what if your customer like have some metal decorations on his new dinosaur costume? Will we make this idea workable? This customer is from Belgium, an experienced amusement park events planning company. What’s his first idea is making something different than usual dinosaur costume. We suggest dragon […]