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Surprise your friends/family with realistic dinosaur costumes by My Dinosaurs

Rehairy Baby Dino Puppet

Hand Control Baby Dinosaur Velociraptor Puppet

Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppets

Customized Toy Baby Dinosaur T-rex Puppet

Walking Dinosaur Hand Puppet

When T rex Meet With Ankylosaur

Hand Control Spinosaurus Dinosaur Shoulder Puppet

Animatronic Realistic Baby Dinosaur Hand Puppet Toy

Baby Dinosaur Carnotaurus Hand Control Puppet

Realistic Dinosaur Costume Velociraptor

Hidden legs T-rex costume

T-rex Realistic Dinosaur Suit

Walking Velociraptor Costume

Walking Performed Lion Costume

Realistic Animatronic Dinosaur Costume Allosaurus for Show

Walking Dragon Costume for Adults

Robotic Dinosaur Costume for Adult

Walking Tyrannosaurus Rex Costume