AD-214 Playground Equipment Animatronic Dinosaur Ankylosaur

Support global shipment! The genus name means “fused lizard” and the specific name means “great belly”. It was quadruped, and its hind limbs were longer than the forelimbs. Its front part of the jaws were covered in a beak, with rows of small, leaf-shaped teeth further behind it. This Ankylosaurus was painted into green, and the size is smaller than the real one, which makes it reachable. With high-quality materials against sun, rain and snow, it is perfect for clients who prefer to display it in the natural environment.

Model:AD-214Size:Life Size or Customized Price:US $2,000 - 4,500 / PieceMin.Order Quantity:1 PieceLead time:1-4 Weeks or Depends on Order Quantity