DS-078 Museum Fossil Skeleton Replica Huayangosaurus

Huayangosaurus is a genus of stegosaurian dinosaur from the Middle Jurassic of China. The name derives from “Huayang”, an alternate name for Sichuan (the province where it was discovered). Huayangosaurus was a quadrupedal herbivore with a small skull and a spiked tail. Huayangosaurus was one of the smallest known stegosaurians. This incredible full scale Huayangosaurus skeleton takes real fossil as reference, casted in durable fiberglass, making it museum quality, tremendously suitable for museum decoration and educational use.

Model:DS-078Size:Full Size or Customized Price:US $ 2,000 - 4,000 / PieceMin.Order Quantity:1 PC PieceLead time:1-4 Weeks or Depends on Order Quantity