DS-015 Life Size Prehistoric Animal Skeleton Machairodus

Machairodus is a genus of large machairodontine saber-toothed cats that lived in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America from the late Miocene to the Middle Pleistocene. The skull of Machairodus was noticeably narrow compared with the skulls of modern pantherine big cats, and the orbits were relatively small. Its legs were too short to sustain a long chase, so it most likely was a good jumper, and used its canines to cut open the throat of its prey. This full-size Machairodus skeleton reappear its characteristic in details, is an extraordinary addition to your museum and definitely an eye-catcher in other complex you want to put in.

Model:DS-015Size:Full Size or Customized Price:US $ 2,900 - 4,900 / PieceMin.Order Quantity:1 PC PieceLead time:1-4 Weeks or Depends on Order Quantity