AD-337 Dinosaur Park Dinosaur Family Animatronic Therizinosaurus

Support global shipping! Great life-sized animatronic dinosaur attractions for dinosaur parks, mini-golf, hotels, and exhibitions. These three animatronic Therizinosaurus are made as a family, the adult Therizinosaurus is 4 meters tall, and all three models with lifelike movements and vivid sound, MyDinosaurs offer a wide range of animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur heads, dinosaur families, and attractions for sale. We also provide production, sale, on-site installation, and online after-sale services! This dinosaur is expertly crafted for outdoor display!

Model:AD-337Size:Life Size or Customized Price:US $5,000 - 8,000 / PieceMin.Order Quantity:1 PC PieceLead time:1-4 Weeks or Depends on Order Quantity