Here are the steps in making fiberglass statues.


In making your own fiberglass statue, the first thing we need to perform is to gather up concept and a reference picture of any particular piece from different angles. Most artists want to have an authentic and accurate result. Basically, on a picture that shows only a single side; it only gives a 2 dimensional look to it, while having multi angle picture will let you have full vision on all sides. This would allow you to replicate your model completely.

After getting copied, we can now get the correct proportions.  Try to get it as realistic as possible to help you get the right shape, thus avoiding material wastage.

 Blocking the Fiberglass Statue

Use the fiberglass cloth for getting the initial shape. If the statue needs to be cut in detail, we can work using thin wire-meshes that are bent into the right shape.

Once we have the basic large mass of foam correctly proportioned, cut as many pieces as needed to complete and block out the rest of the basic shape. Make sure to have more foam in the right places, so when cutting and shaping the foam, we don’t need to add more to fulfill the ruined part.

Shaping the Blocked Fiberglass

Cut the pieces of fiberglass to size. Cut the pieces into smaller ones using the scissors to fit smoothly around any curves on our sculpture. After the form has been blocked out, use the stiff wire, knife, or the sheering blade and trim the insider part of it carefully while trying it on. Make sure it will fit securely where it is not too loose or too tight.  After the inside fits, the outside part should be shaped evenly.  Doing this could result in awkward interior fitting.  Mix the resin and hardener according to the manual. Make sure to mix in a well-ventilated location to avoid respiratory problems.

Saw off large chunks of fiberglass that is not necessarily needed. Glide the knife across the fiberglass. And then add particles of foam off until the shape is leveled.  Dip the fiberglass cloth into the resin mixture. Then place the cloth on the statue on the right position. Eliminate the bubbles then continue to wet and place the pieces of the cloth until the form is covered.


The main objective of sanding is to smooth out the piece, as the knife should have formed the shape correctly.  If we use a sander, make sure that we move the sander in a circular motion for best results. If it stayed on a single area for a long time, a flat spot or cavity may become a problem.

Also, the material will melt from the friction between the sander and the fiberglass. Manual sanding is recommended for having a perfect sanding.