Zigong Dinosaur Park & Dinosaur Exhibitions

Zigong Dinosaur Park & Dinosaur Exhibitions


Zigong, a city well-known for its dinosaur fossils, lanterns and salt, will unveil its first Jurassic Park on Jan.1, 2017.


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Just few hundred meters away from the newly opening dinosaur park, the world – known as the second of its kind in the country and the fourth in the world, Zigong Dinosaur museum is also located in Dashanpu Town, Daan District of Zigong.

The new dinosaur park is more like a dinosaur wonderlands, cover an area of around 66.7 hectares with a lot of amusement ride for kids and families

There will be more than 20 entertainment activities, including a 50-meter-high ferris wheel and a roller coaster with a maximum height of 26 meters.

Virtual reality and augmented reality techniques will be used to enhance tourists’ experience in the Jurassic world.

Next to the this dinosaur wonderland, a dinosaur exhibition also was hold during the New Years Holiday, As the world-class animatronic dinosaur manufacturer from Zigong, our dinosaurs are export all over the world, this is a good chance to share our 8 years achievements.

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