The World’s Largest Lizard: Megalania

Speaking of reptiles, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is definitely lizards and monitor lizards are the big guys in the lizard family. The largest lizard today is the famous Varanus komodoensis. With a body length of 3 meters and a weight of 70 kilograms, it is already the leader among lizards. However, just tens of thousands of years ago, there once lived in Australia a giant lizard much larger than the Varanus komodoensis, which was the


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Megalania is an extinct giant monitor lizard. They lived in South Australia during the Pleistocene and disappeared about 40,000 years ago. The earliest Aboriginal Australians to arrive may have lived alongside them. Megalania is arguably the largest lizard that ever existed.

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Compared with Varanus komodoensis, Megalania is much larger. Based on the body proportions of Lace Monitor living in Australia today, Megalania’s body length can reach 7.9 meters; if the body proportions of Varanus komodoensis are used as a reference, Megalania’s body length is 7 meters. At present, it is generally believed that Megalania’s body length is 7 meters and its weight is about 1 ton.

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The Australian Megalania is a ferocious carnivore that can attack prey that is twice its own size and 10 times its own weight. Their main hunting tools are serrated fangs and huge claws. There were many large animals in prehistoric Australia where the ancient monitor lizard lived, including Diprotodon, Procoptodon, Bullockornis and so on. Only these large animals can satisfy the appetite of the ancient monitor lizard, so as to meet its daily energy consumption needs. Although the ancient monitor lizard looks slow, it actually has powerful explosive power and can reach very fast speeds when sprinting in a short period of time. The lizard’s hunting technique may include ambushing its prey at the water’s edge and then quickly biting off the prey’s hind legs to prevent it from escaping.

Largest Lizard Megalania


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