Women’s Christmas Costumes & Ideas for 2018

One of the best ways to overcome the stress of the holiday season is to get creative with women’s Christmas costumes. Sharing your home with distant relatives that you only see once a year is more fun when you assign everyone a costume and throw an impromptu family reunion in your living room. You can lighten the mood in the kitchen on Christmas Eve by showing up in one of your favorite dinosaur costumes. Keep reading for more creative women’s Christmas ideas that will help you relieve end-of-year anxiety.


Pajama Costumes


From holiday shopping to cooking for 20 and marathon gift-wrapping sessions, Christmas requires comfortable attire. Rather than spending your free time in the usual yoga pants and sweatshirt, make everyone smile with a pajama costume. The best women’s Christmas costumes are the ones that keep you warm while allowing you to move freely to keep up with the frantic pace of holiday events.

One option is the Hocus Pocus Binx costume because it’s warm, soft, adorable and easy to keep clean. If you want something that pops with color and grabs attention, you can’t go wrong with the Plush Cuddle Team Leader jump suit.


Show Your Dinosaur Teeth



Full-body dinosaur costumes are known for stealing attention when they walk into a room. If there’s any tension in your family during the holidays, dressing up like a dinosaur could lighten the mood by giving everyone something entertaining to focus on.

This is also one of the best women’s Christmas ideas if you have children in the family. Without knowing that their mommy, grandma or aunt is inside the costume, children of all ages will have a blast when a dinosaur comes to life just in time to help them open presents. Welcome the dinosaur to your holiday dinner party, and you could delight grownups as well as the little ones.


Family Welcome Party



Does your home feel more like a hotel during the holidays? If you have distant relatives visiting for the holidays, dress your family up as a group of Scarecrows or pirates to greet your guests and show them to their rooms.

Fun group or couple costumes are also a great way to make your Christmas dinner party different from all others. Assign a theme like steampunk or medieval times to give your friends and family members a break from the usual gingerbread cookies and candy canes. Your party is the one they won’t stop talking about this holiday season.


Embrace the Holiday Fun

Women’s Christmas costumes are the perfect way to turn stressful holiday events into cheerful occasions. While the festivities are often focused on the children, there’s no reason that the women making the magic happen shouldn’t have some fun of their own. Use these women’s Christmas ideas to make use of pirate, cheerleader, steampunk and dinosaur costumes that are otherwise reserved for other holidays around the year.