Buy a Walking Dinosaur Costume for a Fun Halloween

When the Halloween is right around the corner, we need walking dinosaur costumes to create a lively atmosphere. Besides, road shows also need walking dinosaur costumes to attract passers-by.

walking dinosaur costume

What Kind of Dinosaur Costume We are Selling?

There are a lot of dinosaur costumes available for sale. we are hidden legs dinosaur costume and visible legs dinosaur costume.

All the costumes are tailor made according to the operator’s height, legs length and shoulder width.

We are custom made any kinds of species of dinosaurs like T-REX, velociraptor, spinosaurus or even dragon !

walking dinosaur costume

Where to Buy a Walking Dinosaur Costume?

Zigong My Dinosaur Culture And Arts Co.,Ltd. is a professional artificial dinosaur manufacturer from China, you can choose your walking dinosaur costume there and they can finsih it within 15 days and send you by Express.

walking dinosaur costume

Seeing so many walking dinosaur costumes, do you want to buy a walking dinosaur costume for a fun Halloween. Contact us for a quote to if you want to Rent a walking dinosaur costume for a fun Halloween!