Versatile and Comprehensive Dinosaur Museum

This dinosaur museum project is located in Inner Mongolia, the city is named Erenho, Where has enough dinosaur stuffs to keep the most ardent fan happy,The most famous of this city may the two enormous long-necked statues that appear to be kissing over one of the main roads . The surrounding desert is full of life size dinosaur statues and dinosaur skeletons – just to make fans feel at home no doubt.

dinosaur statue
The dinosaur museum is at the center of the city, after two years construction it is not open yet,. The museum is covers an area of 180,000 square meters and an investment of 200 million RMB. The exhibition focused on dinosaur replicas, dinosaur fossils and mammalian fossils from various periods in the Erlianhot area. It is a versatile and comprehensive museum that exhibits relevant geological relics from around the world.

dinosaur museum

dinosaur museum attractions 3

Dinosaur Museum Exhibits – Life Size Mechanical Dinosaur Model

dinosaur museum attractions 2

Dinosaur Museum Exhibits – Life Size Plateosaurus Model

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Dinosaur Museum Exhibits – Dinosaur Egg With Baby Dinosaur Statues

dinosaur museum attractions

Dinosaur Museum Exhibits – Prehistoric Animal Models

Except the real dinosaur fossils which are found at Erilianhot, all the animatronic dinosaur, animatronic animal, life size dinosaur statue are produced by My Dinosaurs.
As our typical customers – Museum, we provide whole solution from design to installation and real fossil repair service.

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Dinosaur Museum Attraction – Realistic Robotic Sonidosaurus Model

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Dinosaur Museum Attraction – Life Size Dinosaur Statue

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Dinosaur Museum Attraction – Life Size Dinosaur Sculpture

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Dinosaur Museum Attraction – Realistic Animatronic Allosaurus Model