Be My Valentinosaur- How Dinosaurs Spend Valentine’s Day

Even the most ferocious creatures need a little tenderness. In fact, dinosaurs were quite romantic, and these beasts might have appreciated Valentine’s Day.
By the same token, a dinosaur costume could make your own Valentine’s Day even more cuddly and adorable.

Love in the Age of the Dinosaur 

For decades, scientists have wondered how one amorous dinosaur got close to another. After all, these animals often had enormous bodies and sharp spikes. Even today, some educated guessing is still necessary in this area.

Males may have fought over females quite often: biting, pushing, and perhaps entangling their necks in the heat of battle. And females may have gravitated toward males with long necks or impressive spikes, which would explain why those genetic traits became prevalent.

female T Rex


Plus, it looks like a male and female T-Rex would rub their snouts together during a courtship.
Believe it or not, according to researchers at the University of Colorado Denver, dinos may have also danced on occasion. Marks in ancient rocks indicate movements that are consistent with dancing.

In fact, the raptor and the T-Rex may have been among the dinos that liked to cut a rug. Most likely, these giants would have danced to let potential mates know they were available, to impress partners, and to scare away rivals. Maybe on February 14, then, they would’ve had dinner — splitting a Triceratops — and danced under the moonlight.

Who Needs Cupid When You Could Have a Love Raptor? 

If you’d like to show off your own skills as a dancing dinosaur, you could always rely on a My Dinosaurs costume. Two outstanding options are the DC-102 Ultralight Flexible Dinosaur Costume and the DC-093 Realistic Walking Dinosaur Costume.

Imagine surprising your significant other by showing up as a raptor who’s ready for love. You might play a Barry White tune and show off a few dance steps. Maybe you’d have a dozen roses between your shiny teeth, or maybe your claws would clutch a heart-shaped box of chocolates. And, to create an even more lovey-dovey mood, you could tell your partner all about the dinosaur courtship rituals.

In addition, your costume’s roaring sound effect will tell your date that you’re wild about him or her. The breathing sounds will let that person know he or she takes your breath away.


dinosaur breathing sounds


The skin colors are beautiful, and the product will include lots of fun touches. For instance, the mouth opens and closes; the eyes blink, and the tail swings.
Finally, unlike the genuine articles, there’s nothing sharp on these costumes. Thus, there’s nothing to interfere with a big Valentine’s hug.