The useful ways to brand your business with Dinosaur

Every business would like to dominate its field, of course. It only makes sense, then, that many companies would identify with dinosaurs, majestic creatures that once dominated the Earth. Indeed, many organizations have decided to brand business with dinosaur theme.

Some large companies — Sinclair Oil is an example — use these animals in their logos. Many smaller businesses have likewise found ways to incorporate dinos. For instance, in Maine, the Raptor Falls miniature golf course has been able to build a brand with animatronic dinosaurs.

In addition, Disney and Universal Studios have created exciting theme park rides with animatronic dinosaurs. If you’d like your own company to have some dino-themed branding, here are a few ideas to get you started.


  • Freebies Aplenty with Dinosaur Gadgets
    Who doesn’t love getting free stuff? From time to time, your store could give away small items like note cards, napkins, mini-umbrellas, and tote bags. And they could all boast vibrant images of dinosaurs. Your customers are sure to appreciate the gesture.


Freebies Aplenty with Dinosaur Gadgets


  • Digital Delights

How do you boost engagement and increase conversions on your social media pages and website? Well, you could try a little prehistoric fun. You might add a simple dino-themed video game to your site. An interactive quiz could be equally charming. Here’s an idea for a title: “If You Were a Dinosaur, Which One Would You Be?”

On top of that, when consumers sign up for your email list, you might send them birthday and holiday grand. Those cards could feature animated dinosaurs as well as store coupons.


dinosaur grand


  • VIP Events with Dinosaur

Every so often, you might hold after-hours events for repeat customers or for those who sign up for your loyalty program. Some of those gatherings could revolve around dinosaurs.

At each of those parties, you could serve dinosaur-shaped snacks and cookies, play dino-themed movies, hold dinosaur costume contests, or show off your personal collection of dino memorabilia. Doesn’t it sound like a roaring good time?


VIP Events with Dinosaur


  • The Power of Animatronics

To really stand out, you could purchase a My Dinosaurs animatronic and place it outside your building. My Dinosaurs’ marvels of engineering truly seem to live and breathe on their own.

These creations have a naturalistic texture, and their movements are smooth and convincing. You can power them pneumatically or with electricity. What’s more, a great complement to one of these roaring beasts is the Simulation Dinosaur Skeleton Model, a gleaming replica of a gigantic fossil. Those bones should captivate your visitors and awaken their scientific spirit.


The Power of Animatronic dinosaur

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Then, once you build a brand with animatronic dinosaurs, you may see Tyrannosaurus-size increases in foot traffic.You might even want more than one of these dinos. Your animatronic dinosaurs can stand guard over your store, enticing customers from afar. They’ll provide a spot for people to gather, take pictures, and simply gaze up in admiration.

In short, when you brand business with dinosaur imagery, you can connect with consumers emotionally. Those who love dinos will feel a bond with your company when they realize you love these animals as well.