Useful Knowledge for Holding Dinosaur Exhibitions

A dinosaur exhibition is an exhibition displaying dinosaur and paleontology related exhibits. Usually it will mainly include animatronic dinosaurs, dinosaur fossil & skeletons, and paleontological models. These exhibits are so realistic and lively, and are loved by most people, especially teenagers.

Features of Dinosaur Exhibitions

Educational: The dinosaur exhibition can spread the knowledge of natural science about dinosaurs.

Interactive: There could be a variety of fun games. A visitor not only can experience riding on a dinosaur as a warrior, but also be a researcher digging dinosaur fossils, and play hide and seek in dinosaur eggs.




Classification of Dinosaur Exhibitions

Based on the nature of the market, dinosaur exhibitions can be classified to public and commercial ones; Based on the primary exhibits, the exhibitions can be divided into the animatronic dinosaur exhibition and fossil & skeleton exhibition.

The scale of Dinosaur Exhibitions

  • The large-scale dinosaur exhibitions: With a large number of exhibits, a large exhibition area, a wide range of publicity, and rich interactive activities, usually held by dinosaur theme parks, science and technology museums, and large museums.
  • The medium-sized dinosaur exhibition: The number of exhibits, the size of the venue, and the richness of the interactive activities are relatively moderate, mostly for real estate activities, or held in the city square.
  • The small dinosaur exhibition: there are only a few exhibits at a small venue. Dinosaur exhibitions in shopping malls are mostly of this type.

Schedule of Dinosaur Exhibitions

Large and medium-sized dinosaur exhibitions are generally held for more than 7 days, and a small one is not less than 3 days.

Dinosaur exhibitions can be held at day or at night. For the night exhibition, the colorful lights can be used to render the exhibits, making them dazzling and eye-catching.


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Main exhibits

The exhibits in a dinosaur exhibition are mainly animatronic dinosaurs (including realistic dinosaur rides), static dinosaur statues, fossil skeleton models, fossil replicas, dinosaur eggs, and paleontological models (such as mammoth models).

Required Conditions

Here are some requirements for holding a dinosaur exhibition:

  • Indoor: If it is an indoor exhibition and you want to place some large dinosaurs, the recommended height of the hall is 8 meters or more;
  • Fire protection: Fire hydrants or fire-fighting equipment should be provided for any site;
  • Cleaning: Ensure the cleanness of the exhibition area;
  • Narrator: There should be some Narrators introducing the exhibits to tourists.


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