How to use dinosaurs to improve parent-child relationship

Spending quality time with children in what they are interested in, such as dinosaurs

A healthy parent-child bond starts in early childhood and grows from one special moment to another. Spending quality time with your child is essential to establishing that bond, especially when that time includes excitement, laughter and hands-on learning opportunities.

One way to ensure fun for every member of the family is to take advantage of dinosaur puppet activities or an animatronic dinosaur park. If your little one would love to see a lifelike dinosaur in real life, we have some ideas that may help you strengthen your parent-child relationship with dinosaurs.


How to improve the relationship between parents and children with dinosaur things.


Dinosaur Puppet,Animatronics for Lifelike Experiences

Imagine your child peeking out of an animated dinosaur egg or giggling as a life-sized dinosaur head erupts from the wall of a restaurant. These are the experiences that you can enjoy with children of all ages when you find dinosaur exhibits in your local area or while on vacation. Consider a weekend road trip to visit nearby restaurants, museums and shopping centers that have dinosaur-themed features.

You may also look for a nearby animatronic dinosaur theme park. Dinosaur theme parks are popping up around the country and combine the excitement of life-like dinosaurs with games, rides and delicious food. There’s no better place to explore the nature of dinosaurs while creating lifelong memories with your child.


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Dinosaur Museum Exhibits and Library Events

Your children can’t see a lifelike dinosaur in real life every day, but look out for local activities that encourage deeper exploration of dinosaurs. Your library may offer dinosaur-themed story hours or arts and crafts. Local museums may have exhibits that include animatronic dinosaurs and educational activities.

If you’re planning to visit a larger dinosaur theme park or museum exhibit, these smaller events can build your child’s interest in dinosaurs while stimulating creative thinking. If you keep your eye open, you may find many opportunities to explore dinosaurs at your local children’s museum, parks or restaurants.


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DIY Dinosaur Puppet and Dinosaur Toys

With a green glove and a few simple supplies from the dollar store, you can turn a rainy day into a fun dinosaur experience with your child. Use a hot glue gun to attach a googly eye, and use white felt to create teeth glued between your thumb and first finger. Your children can make their DIY dinosaur talk while moving their fingers.

Your children may also enjoy dinosaur toys that roar or a dinosaur floor mat with figures to move around. Even adding a few dinosaur-themed storybooks to your child’s library can encourage an interest in science through the exciting world of dinosaurs.


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