US Dinosaur Exhibition Rental Business List

Dinosaurs can be called a different group of reptiles that was believed to be originated 243 million years ago. In 1993 Steven Spielberg, an American science fiction film director made a movie called Jurassic Park and created a sensation all around the world. Now, not only in the movies, dinosaurs are also popular in many museums, parks, shopping malls and even parties, in the form of exhibitions.

Dinosaur exhibitions are so popular, so does the dinosaur exhibition rental business in the market. People can either buy or rent products from some companies. If you want to rent some “dinosaurs” and hold an exhibition, here is a list of US companies which provide such service for you.

Hire Dinosaurs

Hire Dinosaurs is a company where you will find different sizes of dinosaurs for rental purpose. You may have seen the dinosaur on “Secret Life of 4-Year-Olds” on Channel 4 in the USA, or in “The Gadget show” in Channel 5’s, or even in the show called “Geordie Shore” which was shown on MTV. The dinosaurs saw there are all rented from this company.

This company has a magnificent range of dinosaurs. The most special one is the T-Rex which has the realistic roaring sounds. It captures the attention of the crowd surrounding him. They claim that their T-Rex is the most realistic animatronic dinosaur in the whole of UK. Its animatronic face, the body movement and its eyes and tail movement can scare you to scream.

Their realistic dinosaur is available to hire for any event. It will tower above the guests and amaze them with every type of events such as Jurassic Themed party nights or Museums. From educational events to school excursion, corporate events, public stunts and even in marriage ceremonies they are available for hire. Mostly they rent their dinosaurs for TV shows, and their T-rex became a celebrity dinosaur though.

dinosaur costume 1

Natural History Museum

There are many dinosaur displays available for renting out in Natural History Museum. They have some specifications to follow before renting out their products. One must have a specific area so that their product can be kept.

Specifications to be followed for installation, such models:

  1.  An area of minimum 400 square meters indoor display area, minimum ceiling height of 4.5m to 6m.
  2. A controlled environmental temperature. The area must also have suitable doorway access, pipe works, and air compressors to power those animatronic models.
  3. Skilled support staffs for their dismantling and assembling as well as the installation of those models.
  4. Some specific range of canes and forklifts to move up any of the equipment for roof access.
  5. Scaffold towers are also required for installation purpose.
  6. Support cost for moving from previous venues in tilt trailers and also the insurance and transport costs are also required.


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American Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History is another organization which rents out their dinosaur displays for exhibition purposes.  It has the world’s largest dinosaurs where people can explore the magnificent biology of the supersized dinosaurs. They feature a life-size dinosaur of 60 foot long.

The Venue Gallery size is around 6000 to 8000  and the ceiling height is around 5 meters. Their standard rental lengths vary between 14 to 16 weeks.

Every dinosaur event can be fantastic with props such as animatronic dinosaurs, giant skeletons, and dinosaur costumes. Usually, a dinosaur exhibition features the most famous creatures, and they help in all sorts of research purposes as well as school project purposes. It could be a great event to provide the utmost feeling of a prehistoric jungle safari from the Jurassic period to your visitors.

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