Unique Decoration Ideas of Dinosaur for Shopping Malls

It’s the Christmas time, there were wall-to-wall people, the malls are flooded with exciting games and themed designs all over. These multiplexes design their area to attract more visitors during the holiday season, to increase their popularity. Thus the important question here arises that how to attract more visitors to the mall during the holidays or festival seasons.

Normally malls are investing time and money in decorating themed walls and their space by dinosaur theme during these day. This is done in the public interest so that the public gets attracted towards the mall thus increasing the footfall.

Hence, the managers and the owners of the malls and various multiplexes indulge in various dinosaur themed activities which create and develop great interest amongst the kids.


shopping mall dinosaur 8

Animatronic Dinosaur Show In Shopping Mall And Outlets >>

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Dinosaur Fossil Replica Exhibition In Shopping Mall And Outlets >>

The mall owners and managers include themselves in themed designs and interactive sessions by playing interacting games with the kids, thus increasing the popularity of the mall and increasing footfall.

You will surely get your kids along when there are some activities or fun games organized for the kids in the mall. Making a dinosaur activity and holding one makes it more interesting part of the themed decoration. Some malls may opt only for the decoration part minus the activities. There are several ideas for unique decoration of dinosaurs for all the shopping malls.

The dinosaur-themed decoration and activity have proved to be an eye catcher and popularity gainer regarding marketing. The mall becomes well known for holding such activity. Moreover, it is the best way to increase and improve the sales of the stores located in the mall.

Dinosaur Fossil Replica Exhibition In Shopping Mall And Outlets

Dinosaur-Themed Decoration And Activity In Shopping Mall And Outlets >>

Here’s a Look at the Ideas that the Mall Owners opt for!

  • Children often get attracted towards such animatronics exhibitions. Themed wall decoration, animatronics dinosaur head being set up in the malls catch the attention of the kids.

Restaurant wall decoration dinosaur head 1

Wall Mounted Life Size Animatronic Dinosaur Head >>

  • A successful move for these malls and multiplexes are the dinosaur exhibition. The malls can set up a dinosaur-themed park where they can uplift the work by creating a Jurassic tripod design in the area. This will surely gain interest for the parents and children.
  • Shops in the malls sell pendants, key chains, and other stuff with such themes. This is also the part of the activity by the mall owners.
  • Various free walls can be custom painted with dinosaur heads and other species of dinosaurs which shows their life cycle till they got extinct.
  • Doodles can be made and distributed in the malls, to the kids for fun. This will surely increase the excitement level amongst the kids.
  • Dinosaur themed games can be too much fun for the kids.
  • Such events stimulate the experience of the Jurassic Park days which the kids are not aware of.
  • The malls and multiplexes can also convert their free space into dinosaurs’ amusement park by adding many 3-D creatures to it.
  • Kids get much more fun by riding dinosaur and never be bored with it.

shopping mall dinosaur 11

Animatronic Dinosaur Kiddie Ride For Shopping Mall >>

  • Animatronics dinosaur head is moving and with all other moving parts of the dinosaur can add to the fun.

To take a speedy ride on the dinosaur and have fun, these malls are ready with much great themed decoration. This Christmas, you will feel the cool, breeze with chills of experiencing the world of dinosaurs.