Turkey Project Outdoor Exhibition of Jurassic World Robotic Dinosaurs

This is forth time to cooperate with this Turkish clients, after years’ cooperation we establish a win-win situation with each other, this customer is main focus on design and building up theme park, museum market and other government project in Turkey,

This is a new government project of Adana Turkey, to build up a new Jurassic theme park in this Harbor city, it will be the only dinosaur park in Adana and cities around, according to customer specific request and budget, we have submit 3 proposals for approval and bidding,

Per customer request, except the popular dinosaur starts, they would like to make something different, in Turkey, there are also some dinosaur parks with many different kinds of dinosaur, how to make something different? Something can a mark of this park or even this city? After discuss with customer, we decide to make a giant dinosaur in this park, how “giant” it will be? An over 50m long Brachiosaurus.

adana jurassic park project 1

Life Sized Dinosaur Park Animatronic Dinosaur Model >>


Animatronic Dinosaurs Jurassic Park >>

We receive the order from client after seven month’s preparation and waiting, to catch the opening ceremony date and also celebrate the new mayor of the Adana, all the models have to be finished in 30 days, this is only 2/3 production time we discuss with customer before

After 30 days strict production and inspection, 15 days transportation and 12 technicians from our oversea after-sale team took 14 days for installation and testing, all the 55 dinosaur models are ready for the opening ceremony on time!


Giant Animatronic Dinosaur >>

Talking tree

Animatronic Christmas Talking Trees >>

Welcome to the Adana Jurassic park in Turkey, you will see the biggest dinosaur model in this country, 45 pieces dinosaurs from all over the world and different periods, the talking tree will singing a song for you and animals rides will give you more fun.

If you’d like build up a dinosaur park, contact us, we will give you a whole solution from design to park opening ceremony!

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