Travel Back To Ice Age: Animatronic Ice Age Animals Exhibition

Ice age animals appeared after the dinosaurs, and most of the animals suffered the same fate as dinosaurs – extinction and some of the ice age animals are evolved to new creatures, How to experience the environmental conditions of the Earth’s last period of glaciation and see the animals and creatures that lived during that time? The best way is to hold an exhibition of the ice age animals – Especially all the animals are come to ALIVE!

ice age animal saber toothed cats

Ice Age Animal Exhibition Attractions – Animatronic Saber-Toothed Tiger >>

Look, that lifting-up trunk mammoth is roaring, telling us a story from the ice age period and if you are lucky you may have a chance to touch the mammoth fossil by hands, normal an ice age exhibition contain Woolly mammoths, Glyptodon, saber-toothed cats, Giant Ground Sloth, Macrauchenia, Brontothere. bears, cave people… All these animatronic animal models are based on actual evidence from fossil records, scientific literature, and input from professional paleontologists. The random movements of each animatronic animal are individually programmed and powered by an intricate compressor system.

ice age animal mammoth

High Simulation Ice Age Animal Exhibition Attractions – Animatronic Woolly Mammoth >>

Ice age exhibition mammoth skeleton

High Simulation Ice Age Animal Exhibition Attractions – Museum Replica Mammoth Skeleton >>

It is an exciting and educational exhibition for families and schools, it can be also a traveling ice age exhibition to all the places where people love to see and experience the ice age animals come to life!

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