Do Halloween Tricks with Dinosaur Prank Costume

As we all know, there are dozens of parades parties and pranks at Halloween. People get crazy at parties and play tricks with their friends. Kids dress up to knock neighborhood’s door for Halloween candy. Already tired of old pranks? This year you can try dinosaur prank costume for Halloween. Here are some dinosaur prank videos they will show you my idea.

dinosaur prank costume for Halloween

This video was filmed in Japan, a variety show let someone wear a dinosaur costume and come into a office. The staff accidentally saw it and considered it was a real dinosaur, they shouting and running away .Staff put their fear on display which made audience laugh.

In this video you can see a dinsoaur eggs aside of the road, and another wear wearing a dinosaur costume hide in the bushes. When passerby passing the nest, the dinosaur will appear suddenly. Every passerby’s first reaction is running away like a real dinosaur is chasing after them!

The last video was happened in a famous talk show named The Ellen Show. When the presenter run down the show a dinosaur appearing and roaring at the audience, swing his tail. it is actually a operator in a walking dinosaur costume !

After watching these videos you will amazed by the dinosaur’s authenticity. If you do Halloween tricks with our dinosaur prank costume you will get more joy and sense of achievement.

So, contact us for a quote to if you want to have dinosaur costume at your Halloween events!