Top 5 Tree Faces and Talking Trees for Halloween Props

In ancient Greek mythology, all the trees growing in Dodona had the gift of prophecy. They not only spoke and delivered oracles, but also warned of upcoming calamities. Nowadays, talking trees have many variants such as the ones with faces and even limbs. And they can be used as Halloween props with astonishing effects.



Halloween is essential especially among children. At this night, they like to dress up as any cartoon character, animal, or even plant and beg sweets from other guests.

For most children, ghosts, zombies, spiders or bloody vampires are so common to see on Halloween that they are not even scary any more. If you want to give children who show up at your courtyard and ask for candy a start, tree faces or talking trees are the best choice.

You can set one of the tree faces or talking trees in your courtyard. When children pass by a tree, they hear a weird voice as soon as they see a wrinkle, creepy face with eyeballs moving. They would definitely be scared to scream!


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Here we have listed top 5 tree faces and talking trees that you can try at an upcoming Halloween party:

Animatronic Dryad Talking Tree: The rubber tree features with the appearance of an old man sitting there and looking into the distance. The true beauty is in the details, with realistic blue eyes and artificial dry branches, people can imagine this talking tree has a soul and knows all they think. This animatronic dryad talking tree is either life-size or can be customized. People can sit in the arms of the tree, listening to its songs or stories from some mysterious land. Its overwhelming appearance and movable branches will give every guest a stunning impression on Halloween.



Speaking Stories Animatronic Christmas Talking Tree: Halloween comes in autumn. So the best way to hide your talking tree in the yard is an old-man tree with leaves turning yellow and red. This type of talking tree pretends to be a normal tree and when people pass it, it suddenly blinks and starts talking. It can speak in any language, so it is suitable for customers from any country.

Outdoor kids playground realistic animatronic talking tree: Tired of scaring other children on Halloween? Well, here is a stout, friendly tree face. The cartoon face makes the trees more child-friendly and accessible. It can even talk to passers-by and swing its life-like branches according to the customers’ requirements. If your kid is a bit afraid to see a pair of scary rolling eyes and weird mouth, this type of talking tree can be a good choice.



Life Size Outdoor Simulation Plant Large Artificial Tree: This kind of trees can be customized like whether you want it to sing or talk to passers-by. It has a pair of flexible eyeballs that can roll towards any direction. To make it more realistic, its mouth can open and close while talking, just like real human.

Halloween Attractions Animatronics Speaking Tree: This is also a great option for you where you can astonish your guests while hosting a Halloween party. They look huge and your kid can find them sitting in front of the house like a patron saint. It has messy hair and muscular limbs. The gigantic hands and feet can drive children’s interest and give them an overwhelming impression.

These are some of the props with which you can astonish kids in the approaching Halloween party. So, why not have a try and see what other children behave after seeing this creepy plant? Unlike other Halloween decorations such as a jack-o’-lantern (the Halloween pumpkin) or a mummy wrapped by white cloth, which is desolated in the basement until next holiday, tree faces and talking trees can also be used on Christmas and any party you hold. Otherwise it can act as a normal ornament in your courtyard or a big toy for your child.

So, start planning your Halloween party with your partner and kid and you will be the topic center after the Halloween!

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