Top 5 New Ways to Enjoy Halloween with Dinosaurs

This year, celebrate Halloween with the oldest skeletons of all. A dinosaur skeleton for Halloween gives the holiday an unexpected twist of fun.


How You Used to Spend Halloween

We all know the classic ways you can spend Halloween. You can set up your very own Fright Night at home, watching a lineup of scary movies. You can go to a Halloween party if you feel like dressing up in the same old costume again.

What about visiting a haunted house? Don’t forget the corn maze or the haunted hayride. Like scary movies, they’re a standard Halloween activity that doesn’t change much year after year.


Shake Up Your Halloween

This year, why not shake things up? In 2019, plan a Halloween that’s unexpected and different.

Enjoy Halloween with dinosaurs for a totally new twist on the holiday. Why not? Dinosaurs are the original scary monster, and there are many ways to get creative with them.


Awesome 5 Ways to Enjoy 2019 Halloween with Dinosaurs


  1. Dress Like a Jurassic Park Character

Dress up like a Jurassic Park ranger or an explorer to get into the spirit of things. You can also try dressing as a T-Rex or other prehistoric creature.

Turn your house into the perfect setting for dinosaurs by decorating with green plants, jungle sounds, and stuffed animals. A dinosaur skeleton for Halloween will add just the right touch to your home decoration.

Jurassic Park Character


  1. Dig Those Dinosaur Bones

Since Halloween is all about bones, go to a dinosaur exhibit. Visiting an animatronic collection of dinosaur bones is a fascinating learning experience. You can see these collections at parks, natural history museums, and other places. Studying a dinosaur skeleton for Halloween is also a great family activity that your kids will enjoy.

Dig Those Dinosaur Bones


  1. Decorate Your Driveway with dinosaurs

Instead of confining your decorating to figures of ghosts, cats, witches, and other creatures be the talk of the neighborhood with a dinosaur display. Use Halloween animatronic animals decoration of dinosaurs and other creatures. If you have a fire pit, light it up. Set out chairs. Turn it into a Halloween event for the whole neighborhood.

Decorate Your Driveway with dinosaurs


  1. Dress Like a Dinosaur

Go to a party in a dinosaur costume and you’ll have everyone screaming. A lifelike, full-body costume makes an impressive entrance. You can also carry a realistic-looking pet dinosaur that will convince everyone you’ve traveled back in time. With dinosaur puppets, you can put on a whole show.


Walking dinosaur costume DC099

DC-099 Commercial Activity Promotion Props Walking Dinosaur Costume


  1. Put a Dragon in Your Yard

Turn your yard into something out of this world with a Halloween animatronic animals decoration of a dragon, a sea monster, King Kong or a knight on horseback. Don’t settle for the ordinary.

A life-sized, three-headed dragon sculpture makes an impressive statement on Halloween and every day. It’s a wonderful addition to your home or business.


Dragon in Your Yard


Where to Get Everything You Need to Enjoy Halloween with Dinosaurs

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