Top 5 Halloween Dragon Makeup Ideas in 2019

Halloween Dragon Makeup For 2019

Do you need a realistic dragon costume for Halloween? Well, we’ve found the top five Halloween makeup ideas to make your costume stand out from the rest.

These makeup ideas will go wonderfully with any dragon cosplay costume, and they’re perfect for Halloween parties.


A Realistic And Dark Option

This dark and grotesque design embodies the spirit of Halloween, and it’s about as realistic as you can get with makeup.

To pull this one off, you’ll need a special effects kit to create the horns, and the massive gash across the cheek will also require you to do some special effects work. However, if you can pull it off, it’s easily one of the best ways to make an impression at a party.


  • Ultra realistic
  • Gruesome
  • Dark


  • Requires special effects skills and materials


A Cheap And Beautiful Look

This Halloween dragon makeup isn’t as dark and brooding as other options. Instead, it focuses on beauty and elegance.

The scales are painted with an emerald face paint, and the golden spines above the eyes are simply made from artificial nails. You don’t have to have a special effects kit to turn yourself into the most beautiful dragon at your next Halloween party.


  • A beauty-oriented option
  • No special effects


  • Not a traditional Halloween look

A Cheap And Beautiful Makeup


A Detailed Ice Dragon

This dragon design is extremely detailed, and it’ll take a very skilled artist to pull it off. A special effects kit will be needed to create the icy horns protruding from the top of the design, and the color palette consists almost entirely of blues and whites. If you want to shock the other guests at a party or cosplay as an ice dragon, this is the look for you.


  • Extremely detailed
  • Bound to impress


  • Requires a lot of skill

Ice Dragon Makeup


A Feminine Look That’s Fierce

This pink dragon makeup will match girly outfits, but it’s fierce enough to fit in at any Halloween party. The best part is that it’s not even difficult to do. You just need a steady hand to draw the details properly, and you need plenty of pink makeup.

Its half-human and half-dragon appearance makes it a great choice if you want to pair it with a realistic dinosaur puppet for 2019 Halloween parties.


  • More feminine
  • Elegant
  • Pairs with props well


  • Not a scary design

Feminine Makeup


A Less Flash Option

This is the perfect option if you just want to accent your normal makeup with a neat dragon design. It’s extremely simple to do, and it looks great with less flashy costumes.

This look consists of blue and green eye makeup, blue lipstick, and a tribal-looking dragon design near the corner of the mouth. Just about anybody can recreate this design, and it’ll work wonders if you’re not going to a fancy party.


  • Simple
  • No special effects or prosthetic pieces


  • Not flashy enough for cosplaying or elaborate parties

Less Flash Makeup


Tips about Dragon Costumes for 2019 Halloween

Here are a few tips to make your dragon makeup look even better.

1: Pick the right costume. Choose a realistic dragon costume for Halloween, and make sure it matches the color palette and vibe of your face makeup.

2: Consider a prop. Your makeup can make you look wonderful, but browsing for a realistic prop will add a whole new level of detail to your costume.

3: Get creative. We’ve given you some suggestions for your makeup, but you can always make adjustments or create your own design. Face art is a way to express yourself. Get a little crazy with it.

Final Thoughts

These five suggestions are perfect for any Halloween party or dragon cosplay costume. You can adjust the colors or details to reflect your personal tastes, and they give you the ability to really stand out from the crowd.

If you’re interested in making your costume really stand out, consider getting a realistic dinosaur puppet for 2019 Halloween costumes.