Top 10 Special Garden Statues to drive visitors

Gardens and parks are known to provide beautiful spaces to promote peace and tranquility. In the US, you’ll find the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens to be one of the most awe-inspiring places where flowers bloom against the concrete jungle backdrop that is New York City. Visitors can be swept away in the elegance of the trees and foliage at any time of the year.


More and more popular Park Sculptures appear in around

Perhaps, a visit to the Gardens of Versailles in Paris, France, is on your list of places to visit at least once in your life of only to see the miniature park sculptures within it. The garden’s beauty surpasses many others, with many putting it as one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. Or, imagine a stroll through the Villa d’Este garden in Tivoli, Italy. This Renaissance-style wonderment is sure to tug at your heartstrings as you take in all of its glory.

However, what about more modern and action-themed gardens and parks like Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida? If you’re sure that excitement trumps tranquility, then adding dinosaur garden statues may be an option for you. Driving visitors to attend your park can be an adventure they’ll never forget to leave them wanting to come back for more.


Top 10 special garden statues including Animatronic Dinosaurs and Park Sculptures


Animatronic Dinosaurs

  1. Roaring T-Rex – Visitors can be greeted at the entrance of your garden or park by a roaring Tyrannosaurus Rex.
  2. Perched Pterodactyl – As they continue into the park, visitors can look at a Pterodactyl opening and closing its wings, while a Triceratops huffs and puffs looking like it’s ready to charge whatever is in its path.

Perched Pterodactyl

AD-086 Simulation Flying Dinosaur Sculpture Pterosauria


  1. Hatching Eggs – A nice touch to any dinosaur-themed garden or park. The egg can open and close to reveal a baby dinosaur that’s sure to draw cooing admiration.
  2. Brontosaurus – It can lift and lower its head to a pond for a drink is sure to get your guests snapping pictures and videos to post on social media.


Brontosaurus pond


  1. Velociraptor – If visitors are truly into dinosaurs, then there should be a Raptor that can poke its head in and out of the bushes to give visitors an exciting surprise.


Dinosaur Garden Statues

Garden statues don’t have to move, but they do give an appeal that ties the overall theme together.


  1. Statue eggs – You could line pathways with eggs of varying sizes.
  2. Dinosaur Pointing the Way – Another way to boost business is to have one of the dinosaur garden statues a few meters away from the entrance with its tail pointing visitors to the entrance.


Dinosaur Pointing the Way


  1. Dinosaur Tables – Guests can sit and eat where statues hold and support the tables.
  2. Dinosaur Benches – Create the perfect photo opportunity for guests to take a break.
  3. Dinosaur Statue Pairs- They can be placed at the entrance and other specific areas of the park to give them a preview of the attraction they’re approaching.


dinosaur sculptures and statues to drive business


Using dinosaur sculptures and statues to drive business to your park or garden is a great technique. It encourages people to visit your attraction and also to spread the word about how interesting you’ve made it. Get feedback from your customers to see how much they like it.