Top 10 Cute Dinosaurs That Make You Laugh

Not all dinosaurs were bucktoothed meat-eaters or goofy plant eaters-a few were as cute as a newborn puppy or kitten. Below you will discover 10 dinosaurs cute enough to make you laugh.

1. Compsognathus
It is the smallest dinosaur discovered by human beings so far, and the adult Compsognathus can only stand up to human knees. It has a pointed and small head, and sharp teeth. Despite its small and cute appearance, Compsognathus may have been one of the most powerful carnivores in its area. They hunted for food in groups and were able to attack animals much larger than themselves.


2. Europasaurus
The most petite sauropod yet identified, Europasaurus only weighed about 1,000 to 2,000 pounds, making it the true runt of the litter compared to 20- or 30-ton contemporaries like Brachiosaurus and Apatosaurus. Why was Europasaurus so small and, well, so adorable? Archaeologists believe that the ancestors of Europasaurus were larger. Later, they migrated to ancient European islands. Due to the narrow terrain, they began to gradually dwarf its size.


3. Micropachycephalosaurus
Micropachycephalosaurus translates from the Greek as “tiny thick-headed lizard,” and that’s exactly what this dinosaur was—a five-pound pachycephalosaur that roamed late Cretaceous Asia about 80 million years ago. It’s hard to imagine two Micropachycephalosaurus males headbutting each other for dominance in the herd, but hey, wouldn’t it be cute?


4. Nothronychus
Its close cousin, Therizinosaurus, gets all the press, but Nothronychus earns cuteness points for its genial, shaggy, Big Bird-like appearance (long, tapered front claws, narrow snout, and prominent pot belly) and its presumed herbivorous diet. Oddly enough, Nothronychus is also the first therizinosaur ever to be identified outside Asia; perhaps some bigger North American dinosaurs visiting Mongolia 80 million years ago took it home as a pet.


5. Lesothosaurus
Lesothosaurus is a very lizard-like dinosaur with a relatively broad abdomen and a thin and long tail. From its appearance, Lesothosaurus looks like a lizard, especially from the front, it is simply an extra-large lizard that walks on its hind legs. This kind of dinosaur is light in shape, has slender and has powerful hind limbs, and runs very fast, so it has won the title of “fast runner”.


6. Psittacosaurus
This strange and cute dinosaur was first discovered in the Gobi Desert in southern Mongolia. Their biggest feature is their parrot-like hooked beak. This feature, combined with its short limbs and tail, makes it look very charmingly naive.

Psittacosaurus gobiensis

7. Centrosaurus
The Centrosaurus was about as long as an Asian elephant, and about the same height as an adult. It has a very stout body, and a sharp horn above its nasal bone makes it look like a big rhino, except that it has a bony neck shield on its neck that rhinos don’t have. It’s this shield that protects the weakest part of the Ceratosaurus’ neck that allows it to survive an attack by T-rex.


8. Lambeosaurus
Lamberosaurus was the larger and possibly the largest of the hadrosaurs, almost the same size as Tyrannosaurus, but it was a herbivorous dinosaur. They had a duck-like beaks and a kangaroo-like bodies, ate plants, and when they were full, they might go to the water’s edge to drink, or even take a dip in the water like today’s buffaloes.


9. Corythosaurus
The Helmsaurus, about 10 meters long, used to live in groups, and if it were still alive, it would be tall enough to stick its head into the window on the second floor and look in. This crowned dinosaur especially likes to show himself, often showing off his distinctive headgear and unique chirping sound. Isn’t this a cute little child?


10. Segnosaurus
Stegosaurus (“segn” in Latin for slow and lazy), as we know from its name, was a very slow dinosaur. According to the study of its limbs by scholars, it is quite slow when it moves, maybe only fast walking or jogging at most. It’s reminiscent of the slow-moving sloth in the movie “Zootopia.”

Segnosaurus Dinosaur Model
Of course, there are many cute dinosaurs waiting for us to discover together!