The World’s Largest Animal Skeleton-Blue Whale Skeleton

The blue whale skeleton in the London Natural History Museum is called “Hope”, comes from a blue whale stranded on the Irish coast, which was donated to the museum by the industrialist Andrew Carnegie.

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Originally, the huge blue whale skeleton was not exhibited in the museum lobby until 2017. The skeleton’s overall length is 25 meters, hangs from the ceiling, and opens its mouth to visitors entering the museum, extremely shocking!

It is said it is the happiest time for the blue whales when the storm is raging. It is the largest animal in existence on the earth. They lived on the land until they moved to the ocean 45 million years ago. The blue whale can tell the story about the origin, evolution, and diversity of the species.

In recent years, people are more and more interested in blue whales, the blue whale skeleton or blue whale replica is a very good decoration for museums and other occasions.

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With the revelation of the blue whale skeleton, the clients which is a professional interior design team found us. Whether the material of bones and shape or final color of the skeleton they all have very high requirements. Since the customer’s serious attitude towards the product, we attach more importance to the product.

Due to this skeleton is up to 24 meters long and will be suspended in the mid-air of 20 meters high, in the early stages of communication, we focused on the weight assessment of this “large” skeleton. Because a great product is not limited to aesthetics, but also to maximize safety consideration while aesthetics.

After a long period of repeated discussions, deepening of the drawings, and confirmation of the sample accessories, we started to produce. With detailed communication in all aspects before, all processes of production went very well. Just during 20 days, the 24-meter long blue whale skeleton has been completed.

24M blue whale skeleton

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