The Ultimate Predators

When you think super-scary dinosaur, is your first thought T. rex?
With a name that means“tyrant lizard king”, T.rex has a reputation as a powerful predator.

You definitely don’t want to mess with a T. rex if you travel back 65 million years! But there are dinosaurs that may be even more terrifying…

Let’s explore the differences between Trex and other predators.

T.rex VS Spinosaurus

The spinosaurus was big! Really big! Even bigger than T. rex! Jurassic Park 3 features an epic battle where a Spinosaurus appears to effortlessly defeat a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but how accurate is the outcome? And who is the deadliest?
Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur. Different estimates have placed the spinosaurus between 12.8 and 18 meters long, and weighing between 7 and 20.9 tonnes.
When T. Rexes roamed the earth, they were among the largest dinosaurs on the planet. (By that time, spinosaurus had become extinct.) The largest specimen found is 12.3 meters long and 4 meters tall at the hips. Estimates of its weight have varied from 4.5 tonnes to 7.2 tonnes.

The Ultimate Predators

Anatomical Structure

The spinosaurus had a long skull with a narrow snout, somewhat like a crocodile. Tall spines grew out of its back vertebrae. These are known as “sails.” Although paleontologists originally believed that spinosaurus walked on two legs, new research has suggested that they walked on four legs, at least occasionally.
T.Rex had a short, muscular neck, a huge head, powerful legs, and two short forelimbs with two clawed fingers each. It also had a long, heavy tail to balance out its huge head and torso.

animatronic T REX skeleton 1

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spinosaurus skeleton

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T.rex VS Allosaurus

We’ll never know if the Allosaurus could have beat the T. rex in a fight because they lived millions of years apart, but it would’ve been a good match!


Rex adults were significantly larger compared with allosaurus adults. An allosaurus adult was between 8.5 and 12m in length (28-39 ft). The average height of an allosaurus was 17ft (a little over 5m) while T. Rex was about 23ft (7m) tall on average.

The Ultimate Predators 1

Size comparison: Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Allosaurus>>

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T.rex VS Giganotosaurus


The Giganotosaurus grew to be between 40 to 46 feet long and 23 feet high at the shoulder. It weighed eight tons. It had two short, powerful arms.

The Ultimate Predators 2


The Giganotosaurus had a long skull which was larger than most adult humans, with a relatively small brain. The back of the skull had a steep forward incline. The T. Rex had a massive, thick skull.


The Giganotosaurus stood on two large and very powerful back legs. It had three-fingered “hands” that ended in sharp claws. Its tail was thin and pointed and helped it with agility.
The T. Rex also stood on two muscular back-legs. It had two puny arms that didn’t even reach its mouth, and ended in two-fingered “hands.” Its tail was powerful and pointed, helping the T. Rex balance its massive head.

Giganotosaurus animatronic

Restoration of Giganotosaurus, realistic motions with vivid roaring sound>>

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