The Dinosaur Hunt: Jurassic World Exhibition in Macau

The most ferocious giants in prehistoric earth will haunt Macau! Studio City will present the “The Dinosaur Hunt” large-scale interactive dinosaur exhibition. The entire resort will become a prehistoric world, and the lifelike dinosaurs will accompany tourists back to millions of years – The prehistoric age!

The Dinosaur Hunt

“The Hunt Dinosaurs” is a large-scale interactive exhibition of 24 rare dinosaur species found in northern China and around the world that will be presented to visitors in a one-to-one ratio.

During the exhibition, visitors to Studio City have the opportunity to have close contact with lively dinosaurs, including the extremely threatening “Deinonychus” with its giant sickle-shaped claws to hunt prey; Tyrannosaurus rex’s close relatives in Asia, the carnivorous dinosaur “Terbosaurus”, can reach 10 meters in height and have teeth like a jagged steak knife. It belongs to the most brutal and vicious dinosaurs; And also the long-necked herbivorous dinosaur “Brachiosaurus”, which is 7.5 meters tall and has a gentle nature.

The Dinosaur Hunt 2

This animatronic dinosaur exhibition also includes a mobile science laboratory, visitors can witness the incubation process of the “Velociraptor” up close and imagine how the “velociraptor” evolved from a small dinosaur out of its shell into a terrifying carnivorous dinosaur.
The Dinosaur Hunt 1

The most eye-catching part of the entire exhibition event is the Dinosaur VR let visitors witness the domineering “Tyrannosaurus” transformed from bones into dinosaurs, singled out two brave and powerful characters “Deinonychus”.

Life-size T-REX Skeleton for Dinosaur Hunt Exhibition >>

The Dinosaur Hunt is definitely a place that can make the dream of dinosaur fans come true. All major dinosaur fans finally have the opportunity to experience the thrill of being hunted by dinosaurs in Studio City. MyDinosaurs is a professional animatronic dinosaur manufacturer from China, our typical customers are Jurassic park, museums, and exhibition companies, welcome to contact us for further cooperation!