Taking Your Family to Field Station: Dinosaurs

Field Station: Dinosaurs is an outdoor prehistoric theme park located in Overpeck County Park in Leonia, New Jersey. Opened in 2012, the park is designed for families with children between the ages of three and eleven.

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The exhibition features a walking tour with 32 full-size animatronic dinosaurs, along with interactive exhibits and live shows designed to educate children about dinosaurs within the context of the local ecosystem.

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Base Camp serves as the entry point for all visitors to the park. Visitors receive their “credentials,” a passport which is stamped as they visit and participate in the various games, workshops and shows throughout the park. Base Camp is also home to the TriceraShops gift shop, first aid and Expedition Central Command.

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Walk along the trail, visitors can check out 32 life-sized dinosaurs, which can roar and move. Visitors can also participate in fun activities, which are all included in the Day Pass admission price.

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Exception of Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet 3D, which is an additional $5 when purchased at the door. The movie is included in the Explorer’s Pass and Commander’s Pass.

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The Outback Steakhouse Amphitheater is an open-air performance space, visitors can interact with a 15-foot T-Rex puppet in here. Additional shows presented in the Amphitheater include Field Station Challenge, Morning Briefing, and the Dinosaur Dance Party.

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The fossil dig site is a big sandy area, where kids can pick up some small shovels and dusters and work on dusting off dinosaur fossils.
The Field Station: Dinosaurs is an oasis of natural wonder. It takes every visitor on a shared adventure – full of mystery, surprise and a sense of awe. Get more information about the park visit http://www.fieldstationdinosaurs.com/.