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Where to buy the high simulation and quality animatronic dinosaurs? My Dinosaurs is a recognized world-class animatronic dinosaur manufacturer with more than 20 years experience

Dinosaurs are an interesting topic to every human being. The prehistoric beings are a part of a question of the world and its wonders. As soon as fossils were being found of the huge animals, people were intrigued by the life that they must have had. Fossils and new information about dinosaurs are still being […]

The exhibitions are loved by everyone in this world. They are not just the knowledge bank, but display the magnificent work of the artist too. Today here we will talk about the dentist exhibitions as they are one of the best to display your research about them. The dinosaur exhibitions can attract all the age […]

Basically the our animatronic models are waterproof and sun-proof, it is adapt to outdoor and indoor parks, as the world-class animatronic dinosaur manufacturer, we can customize any size, color, species, materials, control mode, movements … etc per customer’s specification, due to the extreme weather in our customer’s country, we give our suggestion of fireproof high […]

It’s been a long journey to travel more than 30 hours to see our dinosaurs on the other side of the world.to guarantee the opening date of the dinosaur exhibition, our installation team and local staff takes 1 week to set up this animatronic dinosaur exhibition. the exhibition will last 3 months then travel to […]