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“Trick or Treat” is what we often hear on Halloween—Children carried pumpkins, dressed in fancy clothes, and went from door to door asking for sweets. Pop Art Candy Sculpture GiantCandy Lollipop>> Not only children, but adults dress up as all kinds of monsters, pirates, alien visitors, witches, and so on. Party Props Dinosaur CostumeAdults Realistic>> […]

Building an animatronic dinosaur park is exciting, but requires a level of proper handling and maintenance. That is to ensure safety for both patrons and employees while maintaining excitement. The requirements can range from easy to complex. Whether it’s indoors or outdoors, you must follow these Dinosaur theme park requirements to prevent injury and lawsuits. Owners of […]

Any New Ideas in Halloween Night? Tired of the same old Halloween? Everyone loves the spooky fall celebrations, but only so many ways to make mummies, witches, and zombies scary on a budget year after year. Here’s an idea for a fun, spooky, and unique party that will have your guests marking their calendars for next […]