Study Travel – Night at the Dinosaur Museum

Study travel is a student group tour, focusing on student accommodation outside a school to broaden students’ experience, knowledge, and getting close to the nature and culture. It is organized by schools based on featured events in a local area, the students’ ages, and also teaching content. This comprehensive practice will enrich students’ self-care ability, innovation ability and practical ability.
The study travel is the innovative service as “Tour + Education.” Not only is it welcomed by a lot of parents and students, but it also brings new opportunities in the tourism market. As a popular science education base, Changzhou China Dinosaur Land produces a series of study travel products, e.g., Night at Dinosaur Museum, Dinosaur Laboratory and Dinosaur Lectures.
We will learn how the China Dinosaur Land developed its study travel products.

Preliminary Exploration

In the early 2016, China Dinosaur Land had initially attempted to explore the dinosaur theme activities. Inspired by the movie “Night at the Museum”, they developed a theme product call “Night at Dinosaur Museum”. In this two days & one night activity, children and their parents set up tents inside the dinosaur museum. They will sleep with the dinosaur fossils and dinosaur skeletons. It is interesting to mix the mysterious dinosaur and the family fun. This will improve the family interaction in an entertaining way. What’s more, children can have a good understanding of the dinosaurs. Once this product was launched, it raised a lot of public attention. It is welcomed by a lot of parents.

Study Travel Night at the Dinosaur Museum2

Study Travel Night at the Dinosaur Museum1

Further Development

In 2017, China Dinosaur Land’s study travel products become mature. Base on dinosaur theme, there are more experience elements added inside. On the one hand, the classical “Night at Dinosaur Museum” has been upgraded, by adding more activities such as the little museum guides, fossil repairing. On the other hand, they have created the first family paleontology experience base – Dinosaur Lab. Dr. Dino will fully show the process of digging dinosaur fossils. These activities are good for kids knowing more scientific details of paleontology fossils. And they are exited with digging and discovering the fossils. Apart from that, we have invited famous Paleontologist and teachers to give some interesting lectures about dinosaurs.

Study Travel Night at the Dinosaur Museum3

Fully Upgrade

In 2018, Chinese Dinosaur Park’s brand new study travel product is coming in the market. Through careful planning and packaging, a lot of study travel dinosaur themed courses are ready for students from kindergartens to high schools. The dinosaur park will also implement every detail regarding to the reception process and raise the overall satisfaction level to attract more student tourists. At the same time, it is also expanding its influence in schools with popular science short play. In terms of online marketing, they are going to develop large quantities of short videos to build a dinosaur encyclopedia and a dinosaur community.
Study travel could be a big business for a dinosaur attraction. If you are operating a dinosaur park or a museum, you can also develop some study travel products like this. And My Dinosaurs is here to help you to develop your business!