How to Spread Happiness with Dinosaurs under pandemic

Sometimes the pandemic can turn the life upside down, but people need to be positive. The lockdown has resulted in worsened the complexity of overthinkers or depressed people who are finding themselves lonely. The daily lifestyle has been paused, leading to stress and negativity amongst people. The news associated with death, economy, and business affecting everywhere has converted into drastic long-term changes. Our Dinosaurs have been successfully helping to spread happiness and maintain your psychological health by engaging yourself towards some fun and entertaining activities. The households have been graced by dinosaurs that are being flooded on the Internet with funny videos of dancing and singing along with such costumes and making efforts to come up creative ideas of Dinosaurs to anti sad from the pandemic.


Top 5 Tips to Spread Happiness with Dinosaurs under pandemic

In this article, we will be sharing amazing fun ideas that will help you know about how dinosaur spreads smile during the pandemic by bringing joy to everyone in the situation of stress and depression.


Entertain your neighbor with Dinosaur Costumes

Spreading joy and putting smiles on others’ faces gives a beautiful feeling of satisfaction. In the situation of the pandemic, why not make happiness with dinosaurs costume by being ‘a good neighbor’. These costumes come with sound and movement effects, which quickly grab the attention of others. They are available in the various frame structure, texture, and colors and can be chosen according to one fitting. Bring these and visits your neighbor or walk across the path to fill them with amaze. Their mind would be refreshed by seeing something unusual.


inflatable dinosaur costume


Make Dinosaur Puppets your children’s best friend

The substantial lockdown period, no access to public places, and cancellation of vacation have put boredom on children. Why not get them to indulge with engaging baby dinosaur hand puppet which comes customized for clients. It has incredible features, including controlling the movement of eye blink, mouth, head and neck moving, and producing roaring sounds. This will keep your children engaged in fun activities, and they won’t miss going out much. Children can spend their vacations with this new buddy, and you can easily carry your work from home without any disturbance.


triceratops hand puppet

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Rides and Scooter

The situation slowly demands engaging activities where parents can cope up with their children. The dinosaur rides and scooter will not make your child miss those rides and equipment present in the park. The body movements will also be led to a good workout session and refreshing up of minds. This equipment come with adjustable speed and safe breaking system suitable for kids up to 3-15 years. The long-lasting battery provides unlimited fun to children for a long time.

Walking dino ride 1

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Miniature Park Sculptures

These activities have also been seen in public locations to cheer and entertain those engaged in essential activities and as a gesture to thank them. This will give a chance to set up incredible landmarks in miniature with small and big versions of dinosaurs. You can set up your miniature park and also entertain the people passing by.


Miniature Eiffel Tower 1

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Animatronic Insects

How about pranking people with these Animatronic insects and create moments. You can place them in front of your neighbor’s door and rang a doorbell. I can ensure their reactions won’t make you, and later on, their laughter stop. This pandemic can be utilized positively by spending quality time and doing some unusual fun activities while keeping all safety norms. These costumes have also been hitting social media and providing content to feed your timeline with amazing stories and pictures. You can have significant or giant creatures with smooth movements and vivid sounds to add more reality to it.


People have been dressing up as dinosaurs or customizing their costumes into masks and shields to amaze people around. Parents have been dressing up as dinosaurs to spend quality time with their children who cannot go out to provide them with joy and laughter. People being dressed as dinosaurs visit their neighborhood and greet them with flowers and chocolate to cheer them. Some are even seen using dinosaur costume with face shield while taking their dog out in the evening, which brings joy to people.