Special Experience at Dinosaur Themed Restaurant

Maybe many people dream of building up an own dinosaur themed restaurant, but this is only a dream for most of people, however, we have a customer, who not only make his dream come true but also continue making this idea more interesting.

For the first cooperation, our client just want to have some decoration for main door of the restaurant, according to customer’s rough concept and the overall decoration style, we recommended a life size Tyrannosaurus Rex skull for them, it is not a complete skull, It is just a cross-section of the skull, after insetting it to the door, it looks like a dinosaur skull fossil wall on a cliff, After this idea was fully confirmed by the customer, we start first order with this client, but also a very good beginning of long business cooperation

Dinosaur themed restaurant 5

Customized T-REX Skull for Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

After the first successful and pleasant cooperation, the clients invite us join their new dinosaur themed restaurant project team, we start to work with their design team directly, This time we have totally different concept from the first time, they would like make the guests have chance to intimate contact with the dinosaurs! We give two proposals,
One is dinosaur heads, we recommend two well-know dinosaur species, with a unique posture and a 3D wall painting in the dining room to make the dinosaur heads look more realistic.The other one is a dinosaur ribcage skeleton for the entrance of the restaurant, this makes guests have a feeling of entering a dinosaur belly.
Both the two proposals was adopted by customers, after discussing the details with their design team, we start our second order production.

Dinosaur themed restaurant 2

Wall Mounted Dinosaur Head For Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

Dinosaur themed restaurant 3

Customized Dinosaur Head Decoration For Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

Dinosaur themed restaurant 4

Customized Dinosaur Ribcage Skeleton For Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

The third project is a bigger restaurant, so they would like to have a entire dinosaur skeleton for the new opening dinosaur themed restaurants. According to the communication with customer and their design team, they would like to use a full size T-Rex skeleton be the main decoration for the restaurant hall, however to fit this giant skeleton in the restaurant hall, we have limit of height, length and width, even we have very detailed production drawing, but we still confirm with the client every step of the production process, to make sure the final dinosaur skeleton is fitful on the site. And of course the final work surprizes everyone !

Dinosaur themed restaurant

Customized Life Size T-Rex Skeleton For Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

Dinosaur themed restaurant 1

Unique Dinosaur Skeleton Decoration for Dinosaur Themed Restaurant >>

If you have dream about dinosaurs ? You can find us like this clients, we can make your dinosaur dreams come true !