Something you Need to Know when Designing Your Museum

Guide System

The role of museum guide system is to guide tourists to complete the tourism activities. In terms of the relationship between the parts and the whole, the museum’s guidance system is a larger system composed of organic combinations of its various subsystems. At the same time, it is a subsystem of the whole museum service system. It contains the scenery identification system, the guiding identity systems, science identification systems, management identification systems, public service facilities, identification systems, security identification systems and other complementary identification systems.


1. Localization

For example, as an integral part of the urban environment, the Zigong Dinosaur Museum should be based on local cultural resources and meet the regional cultural characteristics of Zigong. The design of the guidance system in the museum landscape design should also combine art and function to continue the historical context and regional culture of Zigong.

The regional design of the guidance system plays an important role. On the one hand, it can meet the functional requirements of the museum’s guidance system, giving people an immersive experience and seeking accurate information in a short period of time through guidance. On the other hand, it can also reflect the local customs, spiritual outlook and cultural features of a city. The citizens can experience the unique cultural image and the historical atmosphere during their visits. At the same time, native citizens have the sense of intimacy for the museum.


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2. Systematization

The systematic principle and integrity principle in the design of guidance systems are complementary. As far as possible, the information of the guidance system is considered from the overall landscape space to reach the systematization of information and the standardization of visual identification. People are difficult to get correct and quick guidelines with incomplete and irregular guide signs. The museum guide system must meet the various needs of tourists in the process of excursions and combine all kinds of signs as an organic system.

So, it is necessary to form a system of functionality and design signs that meet the various needs of tourists. Also, we need to connect the different tourism sites through guides and form a complete system. To create a great museum guide, we need to emphasize the organic combination of urban cultural image and visual effects to integrate into the natural and artificial scenery of the museum landscape.

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3. Visualization

The visualization of the guidance system is to refine, generalize and exaggerate the natural forms of things, and then use the graphics and colors to visualize the navigation system to show the museum’s unique regional culture. Whether or not the guiding system can vividly portray the park with individuality has a vital role in creating a distinctive image of the park and enhancing the charm of the museum landscape.

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So, if you are running a Museum and you want to develop your guide system, we hope these tips can offer you some help!

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