Shopping Mall Giant Flying Butterflies And Large Fiberglass Flower Statue

This project was an urgent request from an old customer, they are looking for giant butterflies and large fiberglass flower statues for shipping mall decoration,

large flower statue

All the giant insects are static statues instead of animatronics, but the butterflies and the flowers supposed to come up beautiful. The main idea is to make these butterflies and flowers to look transparent as if they were made out of glass.

According to our clients’ description and our experience, we provide our solution and design, the final work is made of material that is fully transparent and light enough, the client was very agree with our proposal and asked for representative sample and show our capacity,

After sample confirmed, the client placed order and we finished all the 35 models in 45 days and transport by air.

giant butterflies

Shopping Mall Giant Insect Hangding Butterflies  >>

large flower statue

Large Fiberglass Flower Statue >>

transparent wings butterflies

Large Size Butterfly With Transparent Wings >>

Except the animatronic models and skeleton fossils, the handmade resin craft are also impressive, “They look amazing and show your respectful capabilities.” The client told me after see the final work. This is the best attraction for our shopping mall ever!

If you like these giant butterflies and large flower, please contact us to get a quote, or if your have your own design or a conception of your new project, find us to get a full attraction solution.