Ship of The Desert-Camel

Deserts, as we all know, are extremely hot regions with limited plant and water resources. It is completely unsuited for living creatures to survive. Only certain species can thrive in desert environments. Camels are one of the few animals that can live in the desert.

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  Camel is the only mode of transportation available in deserts that allows humans to readily move from one location to another. Because a ship is the only salvation in the middle of the sea, they are also known as “the desert ship.” They can survive up to three weeks without water and up to a month without food; they can carry heavy loads and walk for 50 kilometers in a single day; and they can remember desert routes.

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  Camel bodies have undergone different adaptations in order to live in the hot and dry environment of the deserts:
1)Camel’s long legs allow them to walk in the sand while keeping the sand’s heat from reaching their bodies.
2)They have a noticeable back or hump. It reserves food, allowing it to survive in the desert for several days without sustenance.
3)In the camel’s stomach, which is where the camel stores water, there are numerous small bubbles, and the water in these bubbles causes the camel not to drink water for a few days without risk of death.
4)The ability to preserve water is another crucial adaptation that helps the camel live in the desert. They do not sweat and only expel modest amounts of water via urine. Camel excrement is completely dry and devoid of water.

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Camel walking and survival in the desert is made possible by all of this. As a result, camels are seen as both a means of survival and a gift in the desert.