Secret “Cinderella Dinosaur” Fossil

We all know that fossil footprints of prehistoric animals has always been very rare, and dinosaur footprints with dinosaur fossils found at the same time is saved and is even more rare, this is the original angle paleontologists see this dragon (Protoceratops) surprised fossil pictures reasons. White circle in the picture frame is a dinosaur footprints, and with the original angle is matched footprints left foot dragon, but the problem now is that the original footprints left corner if the dragon is its preservation of the original corner near the dragon.

This small, horned dinosaur – dinosaur fossil found in the original angle of more than 45 years of history, but saved the neighborhood, but until recently the footsteps of researchers G. Nied? Wiedzki and T. Singer noted. G. Nied.Wiedzki and T. Singer fossil known as the “Cinderella Syndrome” (the Cinderella Syndrome, the blind desire to look forward to better results), because we all want it for granted that fossils and dinosaur footprints from the left with a under. But to understand the truth of science, scientists also need some modern technology, footprint and fossils to assess the match, but the results show that the footprint belongs to one of the original angle of the dragons left foot, but left the footprints of the original angle of the dragon should be not save the original footprint near the angle of the dragon.

Footprint footprint features that the original angle in the case of long active left by walking, scientists are puzzled as to why the fossil footprints so close. Have explained that the footprint of the original angle of the dragon died in other former Long walked left corner, but the study does not provide sufficient evidence to prove their order, for which scientists still need further study.