Russia Dinosaur Park

This is an open air dinosaur park in Russia, with 22 sets dinosaurs, considering the extreme weather in Russia, considering the extreme weather in Russia, customer choose fiberglass dinosaur statue for this project, experience from our old projects, fiberglass dinosaur statue could stay more than 15 years, but for animatronic models it is around 8 years.

Russia dinosaur park

Dinosaur park statue

This is a government project, they would like to have longer service time and less routine maintenance,so they final choose the fiberglass statues.

Customers are very satisfy with providing 5 years warranty for fiberglass models and life-long repair service.

fiberglass dinosaur statue

dinosaur statue

All the models are custom made dinosaurs according to customer’s budget, we give different proposals of different size, color, posture and species of dinosaur for them to choose, they made the final decision on these 22 sets dinosaurs.

life size dinosaur statue

Should you like to know more about our dinosaur products, please contact us to get more custom proposal for your project.